Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that you might find useful!


  • Q.What criteria should I follow when choosing a scaper?

    A.You’re free to choose a scaper depending on his/her favorite style, his/her abilities and specialties, the number of social media followers, his/her engagement, previous works and nationality.

  • Q.What platforms will my brand be promoted on?

    A.Your brand and business will be promoted on all ACF- Aquascaping Division platforms, including our website, Instagram and Facbook and on the Instagram and Facebook channels of the Digital Scaper themselves. We also recommend sharing on your respective channels and platforms, as that further increases visibility and promotion.

  • Q.What type of content can I expect?

    A.We use a variety of different creative contents. Photographs and videos as posts on our social networks, with dedicated links to your social media and/or website for easier access. Photographs and videos for our website, which include product descriptions and links to all platforms of your brand or business.

  • Q.Why choose us?

    A.In one and a half years, we’ve managed to reach exceptionally high numbers of followers and social media engagement, which no one else in this sector has ever managed to do in such a short period of time.

    We assure and stand for clear and effective communication, brand marketing and an active involvement of potential customers.

  • Q.Can I choose to advertise my product in geographically specific areas only?

    A.Absolutely! Our project was born for this as well, as we don’t target masses but rather focus on a more specific audience, which will be chosen beforehand with our clients.

  • Q.Will I be able to directly communicate with the Digital Scaper?

    A.Once the project has been assigned, you’ll be in close and frequent contact with the Digital Scaper of your choice. He/she will also send you the material that will be posted on the above mentioned platform beforehand.

  • Q.Can I only promote one product or also an entire line of products?

    A.This choice will be made depending on your goals and wishes, meaning you’re free to promote and advertise all products and lines from your company or business.

  • Q.What happens if a scaper is unable to finish a project?

    A.Of course in this case we’re here to back you up, and we’ll proceed to choose another scaper for you with similar traits and specialties.

  • Q.Am I able to end this collaboration if I wish to do so?

    A.Absolutely! You are free to stop a collaboration without further obligations.

  • Q.Do you have any further questions?

    A.Send us an email to

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