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I’ve always been deeply fascinated by the natural world. It’s where I draw my energies and inspiration from, where I feel most in tune with myself and at my most creative. My lifelong passion for aquascaping and fish keeping started when I was a little girl, and developed from there, hand in hand with my fondness for different natural environments and artistic design. Aquascaping for me is where art, nature and creativity meet. I work by combining nature and modern life, bringing organic elements to our everyday experiences.

I have a particularly keen eye for details, inspired by the natural symmetries found around us, and experimenting with new shapes, textures, patterns and colours.
I’ve especially fallen in love with Wabi Kusas. Their simplicity, elegance and versatility make them a beautiful addition to every living space, bringing nature a step closer to home.

I come from an international background myself, Italian, German, having lived in the UK and Austria, I now call the Netherlands home.
I believe in working together and achieving the most through connecting within the aquascaping community. I’m always eager to learn, experiment and exchange knowledge and ideas with others, as this is how we grow as an international community. Additionally, I find social media to be an exceptionally powerful and useful tool, as it’s become an integral part of our lives, and the most powerful way we share our stories within this wonderful community.

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