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About ACF – Aquascaping Division

ACF – Aquascaping Division is an international team of Digital Aquascapers, whose aim is to spread the philosophy of Aquascaping via web-based and social media platforms.

10 Digital Aquascapers from all around the world

The main goal of ACF – Aquascaping Division is to share and connect. Our collective is currently made of 10 artists from all over Europe, who have come together to form a unified and international team.

Instagram: the ideal platform

Instagram is the perfect tool for someone who wants to share his passion for Aquascaping. With over one billion active users, it’s perfect to showcase and advertise one’s work and creations.

What are Digital Aquascapers?

Digital Aquascapers are artists in the field of aquascaping who benefit from a wide social media audience and marketing reach. Our project is currently mostly focused on Instagram.


The roots of our project

Our project aims at connecting and bringing the best aquascapers from all over the world together, by uniting them under one team. The goal is to share and spread the philosophy of Aquascaping through a variety of innovative and creative collaborations with companies and brands of the aquarium and aquascaping hobby.


The creators of ACF – Aquascaping Division

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